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the global market leader in the field of components and spare parts deliveries for European main OEM manufacturers

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“Since my father and mother founded the company almost 50 years ago we have become one of Europe’s leading supplier for the best OEM manufacturers. We stand for fast deliveries from stock, quality assurance and continuous improvements in all our processes”

Adriaan Verhoef, CEO

Headquarters near Rotterdam

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Headquarters near Rotterdam

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THB Verhoef is a leading key components stockist, agent and service provider of the best OEM-manufacturers for diesel and gas engines in the market. Our goal is to improve existing engines with higher qualified parts.

Engine components

We are specialized in the supply of key-components for approximately 90 different medium speed engine types. To assure quality products & services, we are an exclusive agent & stockist for several OEM-manufacturers.


The best brands

We are proud to be the official agent and major stockholder for the best European brands. All our manufacturers are European with a long-dedicated specialism of over 50 years. This dedication means that these manufacturers have the true knowledge in-house and they are the ones who have been investing in innovation which has been followed and copied by the others. Have a look by swiping to the left.


For the best performance

European made marine engine components. We are the largest stockist for the best manufacturers.


Items in stock


Engines refurbished


Ports delivered to

Sophisticated Cylinder Head Repair

To ensure the quality of your repairs, we continiously train our people to meet the highest standards needed for the job

Find the experts for your industry

We operate in various industries providing the best performance on water, land and even high in the sky. Find the expert in your industry to help you achieve your ambition.

Marine Industry






Oil & Gas

World Wide Delivery

By buying parts from THB Verhoef, you will receive a well-balanced package of quality spares with full technical support, factory marking, certificates, large stock, 24/7 services and problem solving, backed up with a Lloyds’ ISO9001 registration.

Our footprint

When we designed our building we minimized the need for fossil fuels and maximized sustainability. Our rooftop consist of solar panels providing all the energy needed to give you the best performance. Always!

Large stock

We believe having a large stock of high quality key components for your marine and stationary diesel and gas engines. Feel free to walk around in our virtual tour.